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I feel aniticipating! <3 [entries|friends|calendar]

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November 20th]
I will no longer be using journal. I will use darkmenu.
Yes, I change username a lot. But that is because I go through a new chapter of my life. And I could tell that this is about the last chapter. Because this is when I get my license, "credit card", etc.. And guess what, I am planning to buy LJ premium soon. Just wait until I get my "credit card". Thank you.

Check out my friendster, it's darkmenu@hotmail.com
Add me if you have one. Yes, I only have three pictures. I'm gonna call my friend and send me all the pictures we took during the summer. I am also gonna put childhood photos. Isn't that exiting? No? I think so.

- Romel.


November 13th]
Dial-up sucks!
I moved to a different school... and I hate it. I miss my friends. I like my old school because if you're a goth, everyone likes you. That's because most of the kids in my old school are gothic. And I say, that's some hot shit.

I miss those times when I see my friends, we hit each other's chest. It's funny, and weird at the same time.

I miss my best friend who hate goth people. (But not me)

I miss people who wear Volcom, Quicksilver, DC, etc..
I am tired of seeing.. rocawear and sean john.

Everyone in my new school acts like a 3 yrs old. They're freshmens, but they don't act like it. My parents said that if I want, they would move me to a private school.

My school is a fucking bullshit. They barely even teach us, or have any money for the supplies. That's just stupid.

They don't do anything fun, all they think about is fighting "them bitch". It's really sad, I'm different. I don't think I could ever survive..

Oh life.
Instead of something I could remember when I'm old.. I'll remember nightmare. At least The first 2 months of my freshmen year is great, and I mean awesome! I wanna move back to Perry Hall =(

5 s
- Romel.


November 7th]
I'm back! I've been through a lot of changes. I'm not into that preppy stuff anymore. My favorite color is black. My closet is infested of black shirts. Well, that's what I get... I always shop from HotTopic and Spencer's. lol

I need a new layout.. oh my god. I hate pop music! I still love Linty, of course. =)
I don't have msn just yet. =(

7 s
- Romel.


June 27th]

Don't even comment, add me. If I don't add you back, just wait. I might add you in the future. If I don't add you for the next two hundred years, then don't expect anything..

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Thank you ballroom for the layout.
- Romel.

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